Who Makes Mariana E Jewelry?

All items are handcrafted by me, Mariana, in my studio in Upstate New York. Your new jewelry is custom made to order.  Due to this and the use of natural stones, some items may vary slightly from photographs but I promise your new jewelry will be just as beautiful.

What Materials do I use?

• Sterling silver - sterling is 92.5% pure instead of 100% pure in order to achieve the requisite hardness and stability to resist wear and tear and hold its shape.
• Gold/rose gold filled - gold/rose gold filled is constructed in three layers. Thick layers of gold/rose gold are bonded to a brass base using heat and pressure. The product is easy to care for and will usually maintain its golden shine for a lifetime.
• Gold/rose gold vermeil - vermeil is when gold/rose gold is layered over sterling silver. The method used to cover the surface of the sterling silver piece is called electrolysis. All vermeil items are treated by me, so they don't tarnish and don't rub off.

Sizing details

• Necklace - For best fit, please measure a "perfect length" necklace you already own or use a piece of string cut to length. Average necklace length is 18 inches or 48cm.
• Bracelet - Measure your wrist tightly, then add 1/2 inch for the best fit. Average bracelet length is 7 inches or 18cm.
• Anklet - Measure your ankle tightly, then add 1/2 inch for the best fit. 
Average anklet length is 9 inches or 23cm.
I offer 1, 2 and 3-inch extenders if you would like to have the option of wearing it short and long or if you are not sure about the size.

Gift Wrapping and Packaging

Each and every piece will arrive ready for gift giving, whether it be a gift just for you, or for a loved one. 
If I am shipping directly to the gift recipient, and you would like to include a handwritten message, please leave me a note at checkout to let me know! 
Please note that I never include paper receipts with my shipments. Your receipt will be emailed to you immediately after purchase.

When will my order ship?

I make and ship each piece of jewelry as soon as possible, usually within 1-3 days after receiving an order. In busy times, like before Mother's day and Christmas, it may take up to 5 days before shipping. I will do my best so you get the package on time. You will receive an email including your tracking number when your order leaves our studio.
Please contact me directly with any questions or concerns about when a piece may arrive.

I ship with First Class Mail (2-6 days) in the USA. Priority shipping (1-3 days) and Express shipping (1-2 days) upgrades are available. You can choose the shipping method at checkout.

International Orders:
Typical transit times are 7-14 days, but occasionally packages can be substantially delayed if held up at customs. We don't have any control over your country's customs officials, so please understand the risk of delay. This isn't common, but it happens occasionally. Buyers are responsible to know their country's customs policies and pay any applicable fees.
If your order was shipped with USPS, the tracking numbers for International shipments only show where they are in the USA, and once they ship overseas, the tracking number is not updated. Once your package is outside the US, there will be no update until it’s been delivered. The tracking will show your package being “frozen” at a major US port, but this doesn’t mean your package isn’t moving, it’s just that it’s moving overseas and not updating the US system until delivery.



What is the return policy?

I am absolutely confident in the quality of the pieces and want you to feel the same way. Non-custom pieces must be returned/exchanged within 14 days of receipt (based on USPS timestamp date received). Contact me right away (info@marianaejewelry.com) with any concerns!

Can I exchange my chain length? 

If you are unhappy with the length of an item, email me (info@marianaejewelry.com) and I will work with you to resolve the issue. I do accept length exchanges, however, you will be responsible for any shipping costs and may be subject to a re-working fee. 

Does my order come with a warranty? 

Yes! All pieces have a 60-day warranty for any chain or clasp defects. Email me right away if you're having issues with a broken chain or faulty clasp (info@marianaejewelry.com) so I can resolve the issue. If your necklace breaks after the 60-day time frame, contact me and I will work with you on a replacement chain!



How do I keep my jewelry shiny and new?

• Store jewelry in a cool, dry place or in a resealable plastic bag. 
• The best way to prevent tarnish is to wear your jewelry often. Your own body oils can help delay the oxidizing process.
• Apply beauty-hair products before putting on your jewelry.
• Remove your jewelry before swimming or bathing.

Everyday Maintenance

After each wear, gently remove makeup and oils that can transfer from your skin to your jewelry by wiping it clean with a soft cloth. If you know you’ve been sweaty that day or think the piece might have products on it (especially sunscreen!), we highly recommend giving it a quick rinse in lukewarm water and then drying it with a soft cloth. Taking your jewelry off and storing it when you sleep will also increase its longevity, as it reduces exposure to air and natural skin oils.